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Summer Kellogg’s/Gormiti partnership for Iberia image

Summer Kellogg’s/Gormiti partnership for Iberia

Milan: 14th July 2011 — The Giochi Preziosi Group and Marathon Media have revealed details of a lucrative promotion between home grown boy’s property Gormiti, and cereal giants, Kellogg’s, across Spain and Portugal.
The prestigious partnership brings the magic of Gormiti to more than 3,000,000 packs of Kellogg’s products. Mile Pops, Choco Krispies, Chocos and Frosties have been given Gormiti branding and offer kids more than 1,400,000 in pack stickers.
The promotion runs from July to October 2011 and is supported by a well constructed marketing strategy with TV advertising, eye-catching POS in store and specialised designed packaging.
Graziano Delmaestro, Giochi Preziosi’s licensing director said: “We are delighted to be working with the world’s most renowned breakfast company. Kellogg’s is the perfect partner to reach the Gormiti fan base and invite new children to join in the magic. Kids across Iberia can be a part of the Gormiti adventures whilst eating their favourite cereals and the promotion is sure to be a real hit. We are proud to have Kellogg’s as our promotional partner in Iberia and look forward to the exciting months ahead.”
Kellogg’s is the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereals and a leading producer of convenience foods. Juan Manuel Alonso, Kellogg’s Kids Brand Manager in Iberia said: “Working with Giochi Preziosi is a great opportunity for our brand. Having a kid’s favourite such as Gormiti on our packaging has endless benefits. We expect the promotion to be incredibly popular and with such a clear cut marketing strategy in play, there is no doubt in its success.”
Gormiti remains one of the most exciting kids’ properties around for prospective licensees across the globe and presents many opportunities for new markets. For more information contact
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