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Surge Unleashes Bowzers & Meowzers™ Licensed Plush & Vinyl Pet Toys with MultiPet International image

Surge Unleashes Bowzers & Meowzers™ Licensed Plush & Vinyl Pet Toys with MultiPet International

Surge Licensing signed MultiPet International, a U.S. based award winning pet products manufacturer to a broad line of licensed plush and vinyl pet toys based on Debby Carman’s Bowzers & Meowzers™ characters.

Laguna Beach based artist, author, and gallerist, Debby Carman, is known for her whimsical and unique pet characters that ingeniously capture the heart and essence of the pets and breeds we all love.  In addition to Carman’s art galleries, known as Faux Paw Petiques, where her original paintings, ceramic feeding bowls and treat jars are adored by collectors worldwide, MultiPet will bring the brand to retailers and Amazon, starting this Fall.  Fan favorites including Chewdalootie™, Grrronk™, Cha-Chaz™, Kittywimpuss™, Purrlonia and Maxiumum Cat™ from the Bowzers and Meowzers™ collection will be available in both plush and latex pet toys in multiple sizes

“Multi-Pet immediately captured the essence and whimsical-whackadoodle nature of my most notable characters in both cuddly plush and smooshable-squeezable latex toys! I am thrilled to be partnering with Multi-Pet whose collection of pet toys have been among my own personal favorites…Now together we collaborated on a new line of pet toys that perfectly capture my vision of the essential ingredients we need today: harmony, love, friendship, diversity and tolerance for all people and the pets they love.”  Said Debby Carman

“The minute that we saw the Bowzers & Meowzers™ characters and the creative flair of Debby Carman, we knew that these whimsical designs would fabricate well in to dog and cat toys. The stories behind each character are equally great. MultiPet is looking at a 4th quarter 2020 introduction of this fun line of pet toys” said Mark Hirschberg, President of MultiPet International.


MultiPet International, Inc. was established in 1995 and is the premiere supplier of pet products throughout the United States, Europe, South America, Australia and beyond. Our products can be found in over 40,000 retail outlets, making MultiPet International a leader within the pet industry. The MultiPet brand focuses on internationally sourced fabrics, unique designs and unwavering quality all with a focus on value to our customers.

​Debby Carman is an imagineer cartoonist, artist, author, and fabulist who dreamily draws, paints, sculpts and creates some of the most distinctive and imaginative pet art in the world. Carman’s Faux Paw Petique Galleries in Laguna Beach, California are the showcases for her creations.  Creator of the “World’s Most Beautiful Pet Ceramics manufactured at the Faux Paw studio in Laguna Canyon have inspired children’s books, plush puppets, whimsical, whacky and custom dog and cat paintings, breed specific trophy art for dog shows, practical accessories like tote bags, fabrics, teapots, and decorative wall art designed to enhance and humor every lifestyle. Color, Joy and Happiness surround my Characters because “everybody smiles in the same language.”

Surge Licensing, founded in 1986 is a multiple LIMA award winning Licensing and Entertainment Agency most recognized for its discovery and launch of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IP into popular culture.   Surge builds long-term sustainable brands through licensing, publishing, entertainment and creative collaborations.

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