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Taurus Helmets and Fama Licensing Unveil Innovative Helmet Line for Grêmio and Internacional Fans image

Taurus Helmets and Fama Licensing Unveil Innovative Helmet Line for Grêmio and Internacional Fans

Taurus Helmets and Fama Licensing unveil innovative helmet line for Grêmio and Internacional football fans, eyeing U.S. soccer market expansion.

In a groundbreaking collaboration within the sports accessories and motorcycling sector, Taurus Helmets, a leader in motorcycle helmets and a member of the globally renowned Taurus Group known for its firearms manufacturing, alongside Fama Licensing, proudly announce the launch of an exclusive line of licensed helmets. This collection is meticulously designed for the fans of the prestigious Brazilian football clubs Grêmio and Internacional, boasting a combined fan base of over 19 million.

Marked by the successful sale of more than a million helmets annually in Brazil, Taurus Helmets is now bridging the gap between football aficionados and motorcycling enthusiasts. This initiative not only caters to the Brazilian market but is also strategically aimed at the American soccer market, leveraging Taurus’s robust distribution network in the region.

Maurício Sepulveda, Director of Creation and Marketing at Taurus Helmets, remarks, “This launch revolutionizes the standard for licensed football and motorcycling products. It’s a unique opportunity for fans to show their support for Grêmio and Internacional in a stylish and safe manner.”

The helmets, made from high-impact ABS, are noted for their durability and resistance. Features like antibacterial treatment and scratch-resistant crystal visors ensure a superior user experience. “We are committed to the quality our brands stand for, and these helmets are a tangible embodiment of that commitment,” celebrates Fabiano Veronezi, CEO of Fama Licensing.

Priced between $55 and $69 for the Brazilian market, the helmets will be available in specialized stores and marketplaces starting December 27, offering football fans and motorcyclists a novel way to express their pride.

Renato Lagden, New Business Manager at Taurus Helmets, underscores the company’s commitment to excellence and safety: “Our licensed products are designed to be part of the daily lives of motorcyclists and collectors. With this launch, they can now experience the thrill of their favorite team in great style.” He also highlights the educational aspect of the project, emphasizing that style and safety are integral to the brand’s DNA.

This launch marks a significant milestone in the journey of Taurus Helmets and Fama Licensing towards innovation and fan satisfaction, offering high-quality products that combine passion and lifestyle. The business model, termed ‘impact licensing’, will be expanded to include other major Brazilian football clubs and is set to make a substantial difference in both visual appeal and utility for American soccer enthusiasts.

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