TEZUKA Productions Creates Newest Anime “Robot Atom”

TEZUKA Productions, a long-standing Japanese animation studio, is striving to create a joint international work with the Nigerian TV network CHANNEL TV. TEZUKA worked on a new TV anime series called Robot Atom, and eight episodes have been aired until May 2014.
In the Robot Atom series, the protagonist will not fight bad guys as “a friend of justice”, as he has in other series, but rather will be depicted as an innocent child who sometimes makes mistakes.
Nigeria has the largest population of any African country (160 million) as well as the largest economic growth rate of any Africa country.
TEZUKA trains some African employees at Channel TV about the creation process of Japanese anime and helps to develop practical anime skills.  The goals are business expansion and development of content that can be sold in the global market.
TEZUKA is seeking co-production companies for a sequel to eight episodes as well as merchandising partners.
About Tezuka Productions
We are engaged in management of Osamu Tezuka’s manga and animation works including “Astro Boy”, “Black Jack”, Kimba the White Lion”, “Princess Knight”, “The Phoenix” and “Buddha”, and licensing those characters in the field of merchandising, film-making and publishing. Through licensing his works, Tezuka Productions, taking over late Tezuka’s will, strives to deliver his messages contained in his works: “preciousness of life”, “beauty of nature” and “dreams to children”.
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