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The Insights Family Provides Timely Finding for Pocket.Watch image

The Insights Family Provides Timely Finding for Pocket.Watch

The Insights Family, the global leader in independent kids, teens, parents & family market intelligence, has been praised by one of their clients for inspiring a timely innovation,, the leading digital studio creating franchises for the next generation of families. In partnership with some of the most famous kids influencers in the world, is responsible for launching massive kids franchises including Ryan’s World and Love, Diana. has been a client of The Insights Family since 2017 and ongoingly utilises The Insights Family’s Kids Insights US research, data, and insights. It is the only comprehensive and dynamic monitor of US kids, tweens, and teens (3-18s) attitudes, behavior, and consumption patterns. This is achieved by surveying more than c21,000 kids, tweens, and teens every year continually.

Since Ryan Kaji made his YouTube debut in 2015, his popularity has continued to grow significantly. According to Kids Insights US data, he is the number #1 favorite YouTuber with kids aged 3-5 over the last 12 months. franchise Love, Diana stars kid-creator Kids Diana Show, the most followed kid on YouTube with 296M subscribers across her channels and has garnered 173B lifetime views.

By using The Insights Family’s award-winning portal, was able to identify that not only is the Hispanic population the fastest growing in the US, but Hispanic kids in the US rank Ryan’s World as their #1 favourite YouTuber, and are 3x more likely than average to favour Love, Diana, showing synergy between their audiences and an increasing appetite for kid influencer led content within the demographic.

This key intelligence led to partner with Cameo Kids to develop the first Spanish/dual-language character, Red Titan from Ryan’s World, available through the innovative use of AI voice technology. Knowing the deep affinity of this fast growing Spanish speaking audience, sought new distribution for Love, Diana and Ryan’s World Spanish-language episodes with leading industry platforms Canela Kids, ViX, and Roku.

Amanda Klecker, SVP Marketing & Franchise at comments,

“’s goal is to bring kids more of what they love, everywhere they are going. A better understanding of our audience has enabled us to identify industry-first innovations for our global franchises, making our content and experiences more accessible to more kids.”

The Insights Family has helped provide with key insights to develop on their strategy to remain a leading kids and family digitally focused studio, working with the biggest kids and family creators in the world that represent 771 million subscribers and over 500 billion lifetime views on YouTube alone.

Nick Richardson, Founder of The Insights Family adds,

We are always delighted, proud, and humbled to hear of our clients’ success stories of how they use our data to inform their future strategies. Our class-of-one data is unique in its ability to understand who specifically your (and your competitors) audience actually is. Once you understand that, all of the other decisions you make become easier and significantly more likely to be sound decisions, which will be beneficial to your organization, your clients, and partners.”

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