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The NFL Collaborates with Gamefam to Launch First SpongeBob-Themed Roblox Super Bowl Event  image

The NFL Collaborates with Gamefam to Launch First SpongeBob-Themed Roblox Super Bowl Event 

The SpongeBob-themed event will launch February 2 in taking users across an array of popular Roblox experiences – from the recently launched SpongeBob Simulator to Super NFL Tycoon, TMNT Battle Tycoon, Twilight Daycare, and Easy Obby.

Activation designed to spotlight the first-ever alternative Super Bowl LVIII broadcast on Nickelodeon as well as the game’s main CBS broadcast.

Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII coming to SpongeBob’s Bikini Bottom on Nickelodeon for the first-ever alternate telecast of Super Bowl LVIII, the NFL is coming together with Gamefam, in collaboration with Paramount, for the launch of the first-ever official Super Bowl quest on Roblox.

About the Activation:  

  • The centerpiece of the Super Bowl LVIII Roblox experience will live in Gamefam’s newly launched SpongeBob Simulator, and will be highlighted by a first-of-its-kind Super Bowl cross-game quest across several Gamefam-created game experiences including Super NFL Tycoon, TMNT Battle Tycoon, Twilight Daycare and Easy Obby. As part of the experience, players will interact with some of Nickelodeon’s most iconic characters including the cast of SpongeBob SquarePants as they immerse themselves in the Super Bowl LVIII week experience, participating in challenges and earning unique in-game rewards.
  • The experience launches on Friday, Feb. 2 and will be live through Monday, Feb. 19. It’s free to play on Roblox via most platforms and devices, including consoles, PCs, mobile, and tablets.
  • The program will feature fun-filled and engaging quests and activities including:
    • SpongeBob Simulator
      • As players join SpongeBob Simulator they will see how the Super Bowl celebration has taken over Bikini Bottom with banners, billboards and videos inspired by the Super Bowl LVIII takeover of Las Vegas. Players will also get to visit a brand-new football stadium with a tailgate section.
      • Everyone’s favorite characters including SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and more will welcome players to Super Bowl LVIII as animated NPCs in full Super Bowl LVIII gear. They will invite players to answer pre-game prediction questions,  give them a list of tasks to complete to help make sure Bikini Bottom is set for The Big Game and more.
    • Super NFL Tycoon:
      • Super NFL Tycoon is preparing to host the biggest event of the year and SpongBob and all his friends from Bikini Bottom are joining the party. Users will participate in limited time Super Bowl LVIII minigames, unlock exclusive rewards for Super Bowl LVIII, and much more.
    • TMNT Battle Tycoon:
      • Super Bowl LVIII is taking place in Bikini Bottom but the celebration has extended all the way to New York City in TMNT Battle Tycoon. Users will be tasked with recovering a list of items stolen while being transported from NFL HQ to Bikini Bottom for the game.
    • Twilight Daycare:
      • The Baby Bowl has arrived at Twilight Daycare in celebration of Super Bowl LVIII. Babies must train for the Baby Bowl to become the strongest baby and win a spot on the Super Bowl LVIII team.
    • Easy Obby:
      • Players will need to navigate the Super Bowl LVIII x SpongeBob training obstacle course to get ready for the big game.
  • With 70 million daily active users, Roblox has become a place where Gen Z and A are gathering and spending time – more so than YouTube and TikTok.
  • Supporting data (source: Qustodio):
    • Roblox – 130 min/day (2023)
    • TikTok – 112 min/day (2023)
    • YouTube – 70 min/day (2023)
    • Instagram – 63 min/day (2023)
  • As Roblox has scaled from new platform, to a top daily activity and destination, it is becoming a must be place for entertainment and sports marketers. And The Super Bowl – one of the world’s biggest cultural touch points – is turning to it to generate excitement among current and new audiences.
  • This program comes on the heels of previous successful Roblox collaborations between Gamefam,the NFL and Paramount including:
    • Nickelodeon’s NFL Nickmas Game
      • Leading into the Nick-ified NFL game broadcast on Christmas Day, Paramount and the NFL partnered with Gamefam to feature the ultimate sports and pop culture crossover event within Roblox.
      • Elements from the Nickelodeon NFL Nickmas Game were featured in four experiences from Gamefam on Roblox—Super NFL Tycoon, TMNT Battle Tycoon, Easy Obby and Car Dealership Tycoon. This engaged a large audience, with 31.3 million gameplay sessions and 440 million gameplay minutes during the 12-day program.
    • Super Bowl LVII: Saweetie Super Bowl Experience 
  • The NFL and Gamefam collaborated with Warner Music Group, Intuit, and rapper/singer Saweetie, to launch the 1st official Super Bowl Concert in Roblox.
  • To date, the concert is the highest rated concert ever on Roblox with a 95.86% rating.The Super Bowl LVII program remains one of the top 5 Roblox events over the past 12 months with over 7.5 million visits in one week alone.
  • Intuit more than doubled brand awareness (2.6x), understanding of Intuit’s ecosystem of products nearly doubled (1.8x) and Intuit earned more than 400 million brand engagements.

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