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Arcade1 Up, Tastemakers – Polaroid

Best Appliance Corp - Polaroid


The Polaroid At Home Instant Photo Booth is a perfect brand extension for the #1 global instant imaging brand. The Polaroid photo booth recreates a fun image creation process that never goes out of fashion—it’s the “ultimate selfie” with a tactile, tangible result. Selling thousands of units in 2021, the item sold out in its first year on sale. Customers found it and bought it as a result of the positive viral social media exposure the product received on launch. One real customer’s TikTok video of the product has had 11.6 million views to date!

Brizo – Frank Lloyd Wright

Best Appliance Corp - Frank Lloyd Wright


The Frank Lloyd Wright® Bath Collection by Brizo® channels the artistry and influence of iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Developed in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the bath suite evidences his revolutionary American style of architecture. This 24-piece assortment (in six different finishes) launched in Summer 2021 with a comprehensive marketing campaign including print, video, and social and is available through kitchen and bath showrooms, online retailers, and distributors nationwide.

Ecoffee Cup – Van Gogh Museum

Best Appliance Corp - Van Gogh Museum


With over 300 billion single-use cups produced each year, Ecoffee Cup has teamed up with the Van Gogh Museum to create a 100% natural and sustainable collection in two sizes (350 & 450ml). They’re dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and will endure for years. Sunflowers, Flowering Plum Orchard, Almond Blossom, Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman, The Bedroom, and Irises are featured, a mix of classic and lesser-known works. Each cup is individually boxed with complete information about each painting.

Fizz Creations – Tetris

Best Appliance Corp - Tetris


Novelty manufacturer Fizz creations has partnered with iconic gaming brand Tetris™ to launch this unique must-have kitchen gadget! Fans can bring a retro feel to breakfast with this Tetris Tetrimino waffle maker. Simply pour in your waffle mixture and wait as the machine cooks up a delicious serving of tasty Tetrimino-shaped waffles. Make, play, and eat them all!

Fizz Creations -Tetris x Samsung

Best Appliance Corp - Tetris x Samsung


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and The Tetris Company launched Samsung Stackers, a limited-edition food storage set based on the world-famous puzzle game Tetris®, to help reduce household food waste. The first-ever solution includes all seven iconic Tetrimino shapes and colors for storing food efficiently and safely in your fridge or freezer. Now, customers can stack the set in their fridge just like in the game. All profits go to the European Food Banks Federation, a non-profit aimed at preventing food waste and reducing food insecurity.

QuietKat – Jeep E-Bike

Best Appliance Corp - Jeep


The Jeep E-bike was launched in summer of 2020 with much fanfare using the now famous Jeep Bill Murray Super Bowl commercial as the first teaser for its subsequent summer release (Bill’s character is seen escaping on the bike). New lines will be introduced along with accompanying accessories. The bike has been covered by all the top industry publications and consistently reaffirmed as the most capable off-road e-bike in the market. In fact, it is so capable that the U.S. military, and other allied forces, have purchased the bikes for use.

Ukonic – Xbox

Best Appliance Corp - Xbox


Turning an internet meme into reality! Microsoft’s Xbox Series-X launch was promoted with a full-size refrigerator made to look like a gargantuan Xbox console and Ukonic stepped up to make it real. Partnering the launch with Target, Toynk Toys, and GAME, preorders for the cooler sold out in just two minutes. Before the holiday season was complete, more than 100,000 units were sold, with reorders already more than double the initial orders. The program has been so successful for Microsoft and Ukonic that interest in the fridge has expanded to Latin-America, Japan, and China.

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