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Course: Brand Licensing an Important Marketing Tool image

Course: Brand Licensing an Important Marketing Tool

Brand licensing is nothing more than telling a story through the right to use intellectual property, whether in a product, a service, a promotion or an experience. A marketing strategy in which the fan is the center of the business. A charming market, which has been growing and offers many opportunities.

The Brand Licensing: An important marketing tool course tells this story, from start to finish, covering concepts, rules, contractual and commercial issues, tips and much more!

With the course, you will: Understand how licensing can be a powerful marketing tool;

– Apply the concepts, whether through the creation of a product/service/experience/promotion or the insertion of a brand in the market;

– Plan and insert licensing within your company’s business, from choosing a brand to the point of sale.


– Professionals in the areas of marketing, management, sales and product;

– Communication, advertising, marketing, design, fashion and administration students;

– Interested in learning about the licensing of brands and characters, as well as working in companies that work with this market, whether they are licensing agencies, manufacturers or retailers that sell these products.


April 23

6:30pm–7:00pmWelcome Coffee
7:00pm–7:20pmIntroduction: The enchanting world of brands and characters

Marici Ferreira
7:20pm–7:50pmWho's who in the market: Licensor and licensee
7:50pm–8:15pmSynergy is key!
8:15pm–8:30pmCoffee break
8:30pm–9:00pmWhat you need to know before entering the market

April 24

6:30pm–7:00pmWelcome Coffee
7:00pm–7:20pmThe negotiation is done! It's time to make the contract
7:20pm–7:50pmCreation and approval of products/services/campaigns
7:50pm–8:15pmLaunch planning and publicity
8:15pm–8:30pmCoffee break
8:30pm–9:00pmDecisive factors for licensing success

April 25

6:30pm–7:00pmWelcome Coffee
7:00pm–7:20pmAnd finally… the product is in stores!
7:20pm–7:50pmMarketing 360 in licensing
7:50pm–8:15pmThe importance of working well at the POS
8:15pm–8:30pmCoffee break
8:30pm–9:00pmIt’s a trend! Experiences and collabs

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