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Roadmap to What’s Coming…Building a Culture for Sustainability image

Roadmap to What’s Coming…Building a Culture for Sustainability

As a celebrated author, practitioner and Professor focused on accelerating the transition to a greener, thriving and sustainable marketplace, Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg will share an inspiring, solution-focused message with useful lessons for individuals and organizations in any sector or industry. She will discuss practical examples of the challenges and obstacles faced by companies, and how they are being successfully addressed and overcome. Her work creates a road map to support business leaders and managers who wish to create purposeful work environments that ignite employee passion, encourage engagement, reinforce ecological responsibility and increase profit. 

Topics include:

  • The Necessity of Sustainable Practices
  • Readying Your Company to Take Action with the Right Mindset
  • What is a Sustainability Mindset?
  • SEC new rules, ESG and regulatory compliance
  • Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation
  • The strategic learning path to sustainable transformation and J&J training examples

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