Coursework in Licensing Studies FAQs

What is CLS?

The Coursework in Licensing Studies (CLS) program is an in-depth study of the business of licensing and the industry’s only training course to become a Qualified Licensing Practitioner (QLP). Through CLS, you’ll learn from industry leaders with expertise in various facets of the business, including branding, marketing, contract law, retail, and more.

Who should register for CLS?

CLS is an on-demand program designed for those seeking a 360-degree view of licensing, from basics through to more advanced strategies. You will gain knowledge on a wide array of topics that affect the industry, as well as a solid understanding of the basics of brand licensing. No matter what side of licensing you’re coming from – licensor, licensee, retailer, agency, and more – CLS will help you broaden your knowledge of the business.

What is the cost for the CLS program?

The CLS program is $800 (USD) for Licensing International Members and $1,750 (USD) for non-Members.

What is the difference between CLS and Licensing University?

Licensing U is an educational conference that takes during select trade shows including Licensing Expo. The Coursework in Licensing Studies program is a comprehensive, on-demand program resulting in a Qualified Licensing Professional certification.

Is CLS in-person or online?

CLS is an online, on-demand program.

When do classes take place?

It takes three to four months to complete the CLS program with basic classes offered on-demand in the first month and advanced topics in the second and third month. A capstone project must be submitted within 45 days of its assignment.

How do I get the Qualified Licensing Practitioner (QLP) designation?

All CLS students who successfully complete the program and pass the examination will carry the Qualified Licensing Practitioner designation. More information will be provided upon receipt of your QLP designation.

How much of a time commitment is the program?

We understand that most of our students are working full-time and need flexibility in order to complete the coursework. All classes are offered on-demand so that you can access them on your own time. Throughout the program, there is no required homework or assignments in addition to the online courses. The program will culminate in a capstone project that must be completed within 45 days of its assignment.

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