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CloudCo Entertainment Launches First Care Bears Direct-to-Consumer Online Store image

CloudCo Entertainment Launches First Care Bears Direct-to-Consumer Online Store

Los Angeles, CA  —  CloudCo Entertainment has formed a partnership with ecommerce platform provider Snow Commerce to launch the first Care Bears direct-to-consumer (DTC) online store.

The decision to launch a DTC site stems from Care Bears’ desire to provide their dedicated fans with a captivating and convenient shopping experience. The new online store will serve as a hub where fans can easily access their favorite Care Bears products, all in one place.

Kristeen Tibbits, Head of Marketing at Cloudco Entertainment, expressed her excitement about the new store, stating, “Our first DTC store will be like a virtual hug from the Care Bears! Our dedicated fans will have the opportunity to be the first to witness new character reveals, explore first-to-market art styles, and discover exclusive fan favorites offered only in the store. At the heart of this initiative is our commitment to deliver an easy-to-use, engaging, and informative platform that showcases the Care Bears brand in the best possible light, while celebrating the heartwarming nostalgia of Care-a-Lot and inviting our community to experience the magic of sharing and caring.”

Care Bears’ partnership with Snow Commerce signifies a significant step forward in the brand’s journey to provide their global fanbase with more ways to engage, connect, and enjoy their favorite characters. The collaboration is a testament to the enduring love and support that Care Bears has garnered over generations.

Kristeen Tibbits further added, “Care Bears have been an integral part of so many lives for generations, and we’re incredibly grateful for the enduring love and support from our fans worldwide. This partnership with Snow Commerce marks an exciting new chapter for Care Bears, where we’ll be able to create cherished memories with our community like never before. Our teams have been working tirelessly to create a truly special DTC experience where fans can easily browse and purchase our products, discover new content, and engage with our community. We can’t wait to share the joy and spread the message of caring, sharing, and togetherness.”

“Knowing how highly Care Bears value their customers and fans, we’re honored to be a part of such a huge milestone in extending this iconic brand. With our new production capacity, we’ll be able to provide a fully-integrated ecommerce solution combined with global on-demand production. This partnership will create a more immersive experience by bringing Care Bears closer to their fans,” comments Rick Simpson, President of Snow Commerce.

The launch of the DTC online store is a momentous occasion for both Care Bears and their dedicated fans, with thrilling updates about limited edition products, exciting drops, and new features set to be unveiled in the coming months.

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