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FIFA Joins Forces with JPatton for Brand Protection and Product Authentication for Fans image

FIFA Joins Forces with JPatton for Brand Protection and Product Authentication for Fans

Atlanta, GA – In an effort to better authenticate its licensed products in the marketplace and protect passionate fans from potential counterfeits, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has selected US-based JPatton to provide its product security label and tracking program.

JPatton will provide custom FIFA holographic security hang tags and labels to clearly identify officially licensed FIFA branded products at retail and around FIFA events. Additionally, FIFA will have access to JPatton’s advanced track and trace system, which will allow mobile product authentication and licensee identification in the marketplace.

“Our licensed product offer is an integral part of the fan experience at our tournaments and our connection with fans globally, so it’s important that customers know they are buying authentic merchandise,” said FIFA Head of Licensing and Retail Sarah Bohner. “We believe JPatton’s extensive industry experience and patented security products will help us deliver our brand protection program at the highest level while also ensuring those approved licensees that have invested in FIFA can be clearly identified in the marketplace.”

“FIFA is a premier global sports brand, and we are excited to help their licensing and retail team reinforce that leadership through our state-of-the-art brand security products,” said Pete Reyes. “We look forward to leveraging our labels and other custom authentication service to provide increased insight into the FIFA brand.”

FIFA products are currently sold in over 100 countries with retail sales of more than $1 billion dollars worldwide

About FIFA

Founded in 1904, FIFA is the umbrella organization for 211 national football associations with a focus on developing football around the world, staging international competitions, ensuring the game is accessible to everyone, and advocating for integrity and fair play

About JPatton

JPatton is the market leader in providing innovative, customized brand protection and development solutions that offer unrivaled consumer engagement opportunities for global brands. JPatton utilizes a proprietary suite of products and services, including physical and digital security and brand-authentication technologies, product track and trace systems, and our one-stop licensing platform, Direct Licensing Hub. Founded in 1996, JPatton is division of CLC/Learfield IMG College and operates in the USA and utilizes global distribution outlets. Follow JPatton @ FacebookTwitterLinkedIn




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