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Gramado Pioneers City Branding Licensing Program with Fama Licensing in Brazil. image

Gramado Pioneers City Branding Licensing Program with Fama Licensing in Brazil.

Gramado, Brazil, in collaboration with Fama Licensing, is leading  the City Branding Licensing Program, with the  Gramado Magazine leading the way

Gramado, a picturesque city nestled in the heart of Brazil, is making history as it pioneers the City Branding Licensing Program in collaboration with Fama Licensing. Spearheaded by Fabiano Veronezi, the CEO of Fama, this innovative endeavor signifies Gramado’s unwavering commitment to innovation, economic growth, and its pioneering spirit. In this press release-style blog, we delve into the exciting developments surrounding this program, including the luxurious Official Gramado Magazine, set to be a game-changer for the city and its people.

A Historic Milestone: The Official Gramado Magazine

Scheduled for release in August, the Official Gramado Magazine is set to become the city’s official publication. This marks a historic milestone as the first-ever licensing agreement with the city’s government and Gramadotur, the authorities responsible for promoting tourism in the region.

A Revenue Revolution

One of the most remarkable aspects of this initiative is its potential to generate substantial royalties. Projections indicate that advertising alone could bring in an impressive $600,000 annually from this publication alone, outside of the revenue generated from already licensed products such as Thermal Bottles, clothing, mugs, figurines, and the exclusive Griffe Store.

The Visionary Leadership of Mr. Fernando Di Primio

Adding to the excitement is the involvement of Mr. Fernando Di Primio, a luminary in the publishing industry and the leader of Wonderful Editora. His vision and expertise are set to elevate the Official Gramado Magazine to new heights, making it a true masterpiece that captures the heart and soul of Gramado.

Gramadotur’s Enthusiastic Support

Furthermore, Gramadotur, under the able leadership of its President, Ms. Rosa Volk, has been an enthusiastic champion of this project. Through the unwavering support of the Gramado City Hall, led by Mayor Nestor Tissot, Gramadotur has been instrumental in facilitating the realization of this ambitious endeavor. Their commitment to promoting Gramado’s rich culture and heritage aligns perfectly with the goals of the Official Gramado Magazine.

More Than a Magazine: A Work of Art

But the Official Gramado Magazine is not merely a publication; it is a luxurious work of art meticulously designed to captivate readers with its opulence. Crafted on the finest couché paper, featuring a square spine, and adorned with the exquisite application of UV varnish, every aspect of this magazine exudes luxury and sophistication. It is more than a magazine; it is an article of décor that graces coffee tables and shelves.

With a print run of 10,000 copies per edition, the Official Gramado Magazine is set to become not only a guide to Gramado’s unparalleled beauty, culture, and attractions but also an exquisite collectible for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It will offer readers an immersive experience, transporting them into the heart of Gramado’s enchanting world.

Gramado’s Pioneering Spirit

Gramado’s pioneering spirit shines brightly as it leads the way in Brazil’s City Branding Licensing Program. The Official Gramado Magazine is poised to capture the hearts of readers worldwide while fostering economic growth and innovation.

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