International McDonalds deal for ZhuZhu Pets® secured

2012 will see a multi territory dual gender promotion with McDonalds Europe, for both ZhuZhu Pets® and Kung Zhu™ in over 42 countries internationally, excluding the UK. The promotion will take place as early as May in some territories and run until October 2012 and will involve approximately 6245 restaurants in Europe. In addition to the Happy Meal itself, ZhuZhu Pets® and Kung Zhu™ will both be featured on the new interactive website for one year. The website will feature the ZhuZhu club house, a fun, playful experience for kids, which can be monitored by the parents/guardian also.
Bruce Katz, of Cepia LLC, said: “the ZhuZhu Pets® characters fit well with a McDonalds QSR promotion. The collection that has been created is delightful and represents the brand well. We are sure they will be extremely popular with McDonalds’ and ZhuZhu Pets consumers.”
2012 sees ZhuZhu Pets® enter its 4th year, and with this significant promotion with McDonalds and further entertainment content set to be released by Cepia LLC; a lot lays ahead for this brand. For more information about ZhuZhu Pets® and the licensing opportunities available, contact Francesca Lisle at Lisle International Licensing
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