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Knit Comfort with Grêmio Wherever Grêmio Goes: A Blend of Technique and Modernity for Your Feet image

Knit Comfort with Grêmio Wherever Grêmio Goes: A Blend of Technique and Modernity for Your Feet

Inpulse Shoes is introducing an innovative line in the sports fashion universe, particularly in the football segment: the “Cheering in Comfort” collection for Grêmio, debuting at the Zero Grau fair. The event, bustling with importers from 24 different countries and retailers from all over Brazil, saw packed stands on its first day. Exhibitors showcased 1,300 brands to the 12,000 visitors expected over the three-day event in Gramado, at Serra Park.

Over 1,200 brands set the business tone on the event’s first day. Running until November 22, the fair features 230 exhibitors, retailers from across Brazil, importers from all five continents, and professionals from the global leather footwear sector. This line, highlighting the Knit technique, includes sneakers and Slide Knit sandals, initially available at the Global Footwear Network starting January 15. The products, a result of licensing by Fama Licensing, represent a centuries-old artisan skill reinvented through modernity.

The Knit technique involves creating fabrics with needles to interlace threads, forming unique patterns and textures. Using polyester and elastane threads, Inpulse achieves a perfect balance between durability and flexibility. Polyester provides shrinkage and abrasion resistance, while elastane ensures elasticity in the Knit fabric, maintaining the product’s original shape. This process breathes life into a classic, timeless sports apparel aligned with modern trends.

Inpulse founders, Michele Miranda and Cristiane Schneider, emphasize, “The Knit technique allows sports fashion to be not just comfortable and functional, but also versatile. Our ‘Cheering in Comfort for Grêmio’ collection is a milestone in the evolution of knitting and fashion, from its historical roots to contemporary innovations.” Aiming to sell 20,000 pairs of Grêmio sneakers and 40,000 Grêmio sandals in the first year, the collection positions itself not just as a fashion offering but as a strategic movement in the sports market. “These numbers reflect our confidence in the collection and the appeal that Grêmio has as a brand among its fans,” says Fabiano Veronezi, CEO of Fama Licensing. “We are launching an innovative footwear concept that merges Knit fashion and football passion, starting with Grêmio and planning to expand to other Brazilian clubs,” he adds, referencing the exclusive partnership with Inpulse.

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