Latin America's Best-Loved Bird Condorito Flies to Exim Licensing

MIAMI, January 13 – Exim Licensing Group, Inc. announced that it has become the licensing agent of the iconic character Condorito for all Latin America with the exception of Chile and Peru. The “Half Man, Half Bird” pop character, legitimate representative of the Latin American people, with his thousands of facets, was created by the Chilean cartoonist René Ríos B., alias PEPO, and is owned by World Editors, Inc., who has the international rights of the brand. Condorito is the most widely read Spanish-language comic strip in the world and its magazine, published by Televisa, has been in the market for over 30 years. World Editors, through United Press Syndicate, distributes the Condorito comic strip daily to 105 newspapers in Latin America and USA whose circulation is over 4 million copies per day or 120 million monthly. The mentioned figures demonstrate the enormous popularity of Latin American only character that has reached such a degree of disclosure.
Exim’s objective is to build a robust licensing program in the entire region, consolidating Condorito as an evergreen property among actual readers and fans and engaging new generation of consumers by partnering with leading brands and retailers in the region. “Our goal is to become Condorito & World Editors, Inc. strategic partner in Latin America by providing a complete support in the key licensing areas of the business in both, local and regional level,” said Diego Barassi, Exim Licensing Marketing SVP. As part of the strategy Exim will also implement non-traditional licensing programs to establish Condorito in the market in an innovative way by exploiting new targets and categories, developing digital content, news&social media activities. “We will launch ground-breaking strategies that result in the continued involvement of the consumer, creating in it a sense of belonging for the brand once known,” explained Carlos Mera, Exim Tech Coordinator and Condorito Project Leader.
Condorito is an anthropomorphic condor living in a fictitious and symbolic town named Pelotillehue. He is an energetic and talkative character beloved by tens of millions of Hispanics throughout the globe. Today, Condorito is the best known and most widely read cartoon personality in the Spanish-speaking world. Millions of readers follow his humor daily. His transparent personality inspires time-honored values such as honesty, friendship, loyalty, love, humor, passion for life, and Hispanic ideals and traditions. Research shows that Condorito is a character with whom all Hispanics can identify. One of the most powerful global Hispanic brands.
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About World Editors:
It is a partnership dedicated to publishing and commercialization of the use of trademarks and copyrights, among which is Condorito, owned and operated for over 30 years.
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