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Lisle International Licensing appointed by Moose Toys as The Trash Pack™ Merchandising and Licensing Agent for UK & Eire image

Lisle International Licensing appointed by Moose Toys as The Trash Pack™ Merchandising and Licensing Agent for UK & Eire

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – 25th May 2012 — Moose Toys has announced the appointment of Lisle International Licensing as its merchandising and licensing agent for the hit product line The Trash Pack™ in the UK and Eire.
The Trash Pack™ is a collection of squishy mini figures based on unappetizing items you might find in your own trash bin. Kids across the globe have really embraced the brand and its Trashie characters such as Mouldy Milk, Rancid Roach and Putrid Pizza.
Flair Plc launched the master toy collection in the UK and Eire to immediate success in late 2011 selling over a million units in less than 4 months. The sell out success has also echoed global sales figures with Moose predicting that over 100 million units could be achieved worldwide for 2012 and in the US Toys ‘R Us Vice President and General Merchandise Manager Richard Barry told CNBC that: “The Trash Pack was the #1 toy in the boys’ collectable category last Fall.”
Speaking of the licensing programme, Paul Solomon, Director of Moose Toys commented “We are thrilled to be working with Lisle International. The prospects for potential licensees are immense and we have been inundated with calls from potential partners wanting to be part of growing The Trash Pack™ phenomenon. We believe that the team at Lisle International is the perfect match for us to strategically develop the licensing program in the Uk and Eire for a late 2012 launch.”
Colin Lisle, Managing Partner, Lisle International, further commented: “We are extremely excited to be an integral part of what we believe will be an incredibly successful merchandise programme. The Trash Pack is a fun toy brand that has not only achieved tremendous success but will also lend itself perfectly to many other licensed products. Moose Toys are renowned for their creativity and we are very impressed with their commitment and support towards building a comprehensive licensing program for The Trash Pack™ which includes a great deal of rich content for our partners to work with .”
About Moose Toys
Moose Enterprise is the premier Australian toy design and development company with over 20 years industry experience. A top five manufacturer in the domestic market and Australia’s #1 toy exporter, Moose’s products are sold in over 75 countries. This global organization prides itself on design, innovation and quality.
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