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Starter and Coca-Cola Exalt Lifestyle and Sport in the New Collaboration image

Starter and Coca-Cola Exalt Lifestyle and Sport in the New Collaboration

The collection, made in partnership by the brands, bets on streetwear classics, combining simplicity and boldness

Two very popular brands among young people come together to show the world their new collection for those who are a fan of the comfortable and streetwear-influenced look. Starter and Coca-Cola® are about to launch a collab that shows that both brands have personality in their DNA.

Combining the classic with the trends of the future, casual looks with positive messages and colors with high personality arrive showing the real streetwear style.

In May, the new collection in partnership with the multinational Coca-Cola will hit the stores in Brazil with unique clothes that bring the essence of both brands.

The collab has more than 15 exclusive clothes that include t-shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, pants, shorts, shoulder bags, hats, buckets, hats, and socks.

“Starter has always desired to collaborate with Coca-Cola, a beverage that is a national passion and that connects with our target audience. Starter seeks to pass on to the clothes the best of both brands, the essence of these brands without taking away the individuality of each one. We believe a successful collaboration is that. The essence can never be lost. For that, we made a collection that consists of t-shirts that range from a more classic to modern style to the cut-out ones with different applications, a sweatshirt with Chenille appliqués that give a “College” and current look at the same time, sweatshirt pants with strong colors, a set of windbreakers and shorts that exactly convey the essence of Starter and Coca-Cola with the hats, buckets, beanies, and shoulder bags to complete the look of the hippest and most up-to-date crowd.” Roberta Pádua – Product Manager – Starter.

The collaboration was planned and executed by Redibra, the licensing & brand extension agency for Coca-Cola in Brazil.

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