Studio 100 Media and Uyoung Celebrate MIA and Me’s Huge Success on CCTV

Munich, October 01, 2019. Studio 100 Media is delighted to announce the successful collaboration with UYoung in China and their ongoing efforts in bringing ‘Mia and me’ to CCTV and to a broader audience in China.

After the outstanding ratings on CCTV this July, China’s state-owned TV channel retransmitted ‘Mia and me’ from August 29th to September 21st, at the end of the summer holidays. The series has once again made it to the top of the ratings.  All three seasons were aired on CCTV in September and following on, CCTV will begin the third round of airing of ‘Mia and me’ within the next two months.

Leading Chinese kids & family entertainment media company UYoung has licensed ‘Mia and me’ (78 x 22’) to CCTV, China’s state-owned broadcaster, for its children’s channel CCTV-14, which reaches over one billion viewers.  UYoung is planning a slate of licensing products offering potential licensees for example, a special ‘Mia and me’ fashion style guide.  There are already promising negotiations with different companies for various categories underway.  The first set of toy products are planned to be shown at this year’s China Licensing Expo in Shanghai.

‘Mia and me’ is an enchanting fantasy about the adventures of a 12-year-old girl Mia who has to find her way in the real world – while also having to save Centopia, a magical world of elves and unicorns to which she is transported when she finds an old magic book and bracelet from her missing father.

So far, Mia has lived to see the adventures of three magical seasons – and there is more to come: a fourth season is already in production and a feature film is in the last stages of development.

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