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Ulli Stoef and Studio 100 Part Ways as Essential Steps in Integration of Studio 100 Media and M4E Near Completion


Munich, Schelle: 29 January 2019 – Ulli Stoef, CEO of Studio 100 Media AG and m4e AG, will be stepping down from his functions within m4e AG and the Studio 100 Group by end of June 2019 as the further integration of m4e AG and Studio 100 Media AG businesses continues.
m4eAG_Studio100MediaAG_Ulli-Stoef_CEOUlli Stoef became CEO of Studio 100 Media in addition to his position as CEO of m4e as of February 2017, when Studio 100 acquired a majority stake of over 60 percent in m4e, where Mr. Stoef was founder and majority shareholder. Studio 100 Media supported the decision of m4e AG to delist from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which took place in December 2017. In the course of 2017 and 2018, Studio 100 Media acquired additional shares (up to 95,046 percent in total of the shares in m4e AG) and initiated a ‘squeeze out’ procedure to buy out the remaining non-Studio 100 Media shareholders in m4e. As the extraordinary general meeting of m4e shareholders on January 16, 2019 resolved upon approving the compensation provided to the remaining shareholders of m4e, the aim of Studio 100 Media to acquire 100 percent of the shares of m4e AG is nearing completion.
One of the major assignments of Ulli Stoef when coming on board at Studio 100 was to integrate the Studio 100 Media and m4e businesses and to leverage the various synergy possibilities. The integration has progressed successfully.
Therefore, Ulli Stoef and Studio 100 Media consider one of the main tasks of Mr. Stoef in the company to have been accomplished successfully, and mutually agreed that Mr. Stoef will be resigning from his positions within the Studio 100 Group by end of June 2019 at the latest.
Hans Bourlon, one of the founders of the Studio 100 Group and Member of the management board of Studio 100 Media: “Ulli Stoef played a decisive role in integrating the m4e and Studio 100 Media businesses. I would like to sincerely thank him for his efforts and for his contributions to the further international growth of the Studio 100 Group. I wish him every success in his next challenge.”
Ulli Stoef: “It was a pleasure working with Hans and the whole Studio 100 team over the last years to successfully integrate m4e and bring further international growth to the Studio 100 Group. I had the privilege to work with so many talented people who made it easy to succeed. For sure, we will stay in close touch and I am convinced that the Studio 100 Group will have a bright future.”
Until his effective resignation, Ulli Stoef will continue to carry out his current duties in order to ensure a smooth transition, after which he will devote himself to his passion as independent entrepreneur again. Mr. Stoef will announce his next steps and new venture in due course.
Hans Bourlon will continue to act as Member of the management board of Studio 100 Media and will assume Mr. Stoef’s tasks along with the local Studio 100 Media management team. A replacement for Mr. Stoef as CEO of m4e and member of the management board of Studio 100 Media will be announced in due course.

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