Zobha Acquisition's Sophisticated Premium Products Adds Further Breadth and Depth to Already Rock-Solid FAM Brands Active and Casual Wear Portfolio

With the July 25 acquisition of high-end, internationally-established Zobha, previously a Kellwood brand, industry-leading FAM Brands has rounded out its activewear and casual wear brand portfolio into a truly comprehensive and genuinely outstanding offering—with proven, high quality products and brands at every price point, for every taste, and for women, children, tweens and men alike.
Zobha, a premium brand with an elevated design aesthetic and upscale fabrics, was founded in 2008 and is sold at prices ranging from under $50 to $150+ in high-end studios, spas and gyms here in the U.S. and in 26 other countries around the globe (as well as online at www.zobha.com). Focused primarily on beautiful, thoughtfully-designed yoga-inspired activewear, including a range of tops and bottoms with clean, elegant silhouettes made with the most advanced and comfortable materials in a range of perfectly-pitched colors, the Zobha line also features elegant softly-contoured casual wear such as tunics, hoodies, pullovers, and jackets, as well a range of essential accessories such as mats, headbands and water bottles.
“In recent years the activewear and related casual wear markets have seen and continue to see strong and consistent growth,” said FAM Brands owner and CEO, Frank Zarabi, “and there is every reason to believe that they will continue to expand. From the start, we at FAM Brands have had our fingers on the pulse of that exciting market. By building on the solid foundation of our original Marika and Balance Collection with a series of judicious acquisitions, we have grown our brand portfolio so that we now reach virtually every niche area of that market, both in price and in style—while always offering beautifully designed, highly functional, well-made and attractively-priced products. Zobha is the latest of these acquisitions—and it fits in perfectly at the top of our range by enabling us to reach an important new group of customers.”
The newly acquired Zobha joins FAM Brands originals Marika and Balance Collection as well as earlier acquisitions TEHÁMA, Peace and Pearls, Bally Total Fitness and most recently La Vie Jet Setter®; like them, Zobha will benefit from all of the advantages that have driven FAM Brands’ prodigious growth over recent years—the company’s outstanding design expertise, its total commitment to quality at appropriate prices, and its determination to nurture the growth and maximize the potential of all of its properties.
“We are thrilled to have added the Zobha brand to our FAM Brands portfolio, rounding out our good, better, best, brand strategy” Says Carrie Henley, the company’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. ”Zobha is a Sanskrit word meaning, ‘grace, beauty and brilliance’ we want to continue building the brand on the foundation for which is was created and plan to stay true to creating beautiful, high quality products.”
About FAM
FAM Brands is a privately held company based in Commerce, CA, founded in 1985 by Mr. Frank Zarabi (CEO/OWNER). The company manufactures branded and private label apparel and maintains its position as a leader in the industry by incorporating the most innovative performance materials and technology in all of its versatile product designs. With brands such as Marika, Balance Collection, TEHÁMA, Peace and Pearls, Bally Total Fitness and now La Vie Jet Setter®, as well as licensed products featuring such labels as The Limited and Eddie Bauer, FAM Brands caters to all channels of retail distribution from big box stores to department store chains, sporting good specialists, gym/studio and spa stores—totaling over 15,000 locations.

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