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Licensing International Excellence Awards - Best Licensed Product: Appliances, Automotive, Electronics

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Baccarat Australia – Game of Thrones Knife Collection

Licensing International Excellence Awards - Best Licensed Product: Baccarat


Key highlight of the collaboration has been pushing the boundary in a space where no one has ventured. With the creation of the Game of Thrones Baccarat knives, we were amazed to see the fans of the GOT brand come from everywhere to buy the knives and share their alliances on line. The social opportunity and energy that was created in a time of chaos, brought happiness into the home when cooking. Success has been in the form of creating a solid foundation with the license and building a rapport with the team to create new product opportunities in 2021.

Beijing Xiaomi Mobile – Pokémon Travel Range

Licensing International Excellence Awards - Best Licensed Product: Beijing Xiaomi Mobile


Xiaomi launched Pokémon co-branded series products, including Xiaomi suitcase 20 inch Pikachu customized, Xiaomi pocket photo printer Pikachu customized, Xiaomi backpack 10L Pikachu customized, Mi mobile power Pikachu fast charging customized, Xiaomi real wireless Bluetooth headset air 2S Pikachu customized. The inspiration of the design of this series of products comes from the classic image of Pikachu. It adopts Pikachu’s skin color as the main tone, and uses exquisite craftsmanship. All products are vivid and lovely.

CR Brands – Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfecting Wipes


ARM & HAMMER partnered with CR Brands for the innovative ARM & HAMMER Essentials™ Disinfecting Wipes. The product disrupted the wipes category with a citrus-based wipe that cleans without harsh chemicals, achieving tremendous first year sales. ARM & HAMMER Essentials™ Disinfectant Wipes with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda provide citrus-based disinfection for all household cleaning, killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Available at 14,000 retail doors nationwide, it reached a #4 category share. It was named ‘Best Disinfectant Wipes’ in Better Homes & Gardens ‘Clean House Awards 2021.’

8 Star Energy – Energizer Home Power & Energy Storage System

Licensing International Excellence Awards - Best Licensed Product 8 Star Energy


The two products are one of the first in the market with the goal to switch to renewable energy that suits each home and individual needs. Both Energizer Homepower and Eveready Energy Storage System products address the demand of clean energy and the integration into the lifestyle from home and outdoors and being mobile.

Honda – Chupa Chups Scoopy Scooter

Licensing International Excellence Awards - Best Licensed Product Honda


This sleek limited-edition campaign saw an impressive first partnership between the two companies. Honda was able to sell over 4,000 units through its dealers and distributors across the country, marking an impressive launch for a limited-edition product. In addition, the promotion of the product launch on social media sites helped increase the brand awareness for Chupa Chups in the country. Honda’s official YouTube video promoting the launch has been watched nearly 450K times, creating further brand recognition for Chupa Chups that opens the door to future licensing campaigns.

Just Funky – Dragon Ball Z Tableware Range

Licensing International Excellence Awards - Best Licensed Product Just Funky


Just Funky’s Dragon Ball Z program has received multiple unsolicited press attention from fan sites such as Pop Insider’s Gift Lists, Shutupandtakemyyen, License Global, and had a feature article from Toei in License Global in 2019. Just Funky has generated a financially successful program for Dragon Ball, carving the path into mass channels in second wave categories, and making one of the most iconic anime characters stand shoulder to shoulder alongside superheroes and princesses.

Master Product Group – Minions Robotic Vacuum

Licensing International Excellence Awards - Best Licensed Product Master Product Group Minions


The product launch used the immense popularity of the Minions brand name to boost sales of the limited-edition Minions-themed autobot. Minions — already so popular throughout the world and in Thailand — increased consumer awareness about the product, allowing for maximum exposure in the market for the product launch. The vacuum cleaner, which features both the colors and the classic fun imagery of the Minions franchise, was a limited-edition feature. The product had only 1000 units available for sale — primarily through e-commerce platforms — that helped drive up consumer interest in the product.

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