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Awfully Chocolate – Harry Potter

Best Food Ent - Harry Potter1


Awfully Chocolate, a homegrown leading bakery partner in Singapore, launched the world’s first Wizarding World-inspired mooncakes collection. The mooncakes came in four flavors, each inspired by the iconic Hogwarts houses of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The limited-edition Harry Potter collector’s chest came with a set of collectible ceramic plates, beautiful mooncake metal tins and golden sporks. Sets of the Harry Potter’s Collector’s Edition chest were fully sold out within the first three weeks of launch.

Brew Pipeline Inc – Gordon Ramsay

Best Foot Ent - Gordon Ramsay


Gordon Ramsay’s hard seltzer brand, “Hell’s Seltzer,” launched in July 2021 across the U.S. Hell’s Seltzer was developed with distributing partner Brew Pipeline and with ITV. The seltzer market has seen massive growth over the last few years and has grown somewhat saturated, so it was essential to offer unique flavors including Knicker Twist (passionfruit, pineapple, orange) and Mean Green (kiwi, lime, mint, pineapple). The Seltzer is distributed across 40 states, and production has tripled since launch to meet demand.

Kinnerton Confectionery – Harry Potter

Best Food Ent - Harry Potter2


Christmas 2021 saw the second year’s launch of the collaboration between Warner Bros. and Marks and Spencer. We were able to push our creative boundaries in terms of mold development, exclusive M&S style guide creation and product innovation. We saw a huge rise in social media activity following the launch in M&S stores, encouraging further sales. The range included Chocolate Hedwig, Bubbly Frog, four ‘House’ lollipops, Golden Snitch Tin, Harry’s Chocolate Wand, Hogwarts Castle, and the Hogwarts Express Trivia Advent.

Krispy Kreme Japan – Minions

Best Food Ent - Minions


Illumination and Universal Brand Development collaborated with Krispy Kreme Japan to create a special Minions-themed dozen. Pairing the signature iconography of the Minions with Krispy Kreme’s delicious donuts, the sweet treats were inspired by beloved characters Bob and Tim and available in fun flavors “Banana & Pudding” and “Chocolate & Caramel.” The popularity of Bob and Tim contributed to high sell-through, with customers purchasing both character donuts to post on their social media channels.

Le Comptoir de Mathilde – Harry Potter

Best Food Ent - Harry Potter3


Warner Bros. and French company Le Comptoir De Mathilde interpreted the Harry Potter magic into chocolate for fans of all ages. The assortment includes chocolates resembling the iconic Hogwarts house crests, the Golden Snitch, and fan-favorite chocolate frogs. The range was distributed in more than 100 stores and through corners at thousands of retailers including department stores (Galeries Lafayette), delicatessens, gift and home decors stores.

Megaplex – Godzilla vs Kong

Best Food Ent - Godzilla


What would happen if you drank a protein shake powered by GODZILLA? You become incredibly STRONG! Megaplex harnessed the titan’s strength, energy, and raw power into a whey protein powder for the Godzilla vs Kong – Mass Gainer. The product and its campaign, video, and GvK Challenge competitions (which saw hundreds of contestants across Colombia) were unprecedented for the region and the product category. Godzilla and Megaplex really did write a new page in Colombia’s licensing history book.

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