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G FUEL – Tetris x G FUEL

Best Food Corp - Tetris x G Fuel


For the Tetris® brand’s 37th birthday on World Tetris Day, G FUEL teamed up with The Tetris Company, Inc. to launch G FUEL Tetris Blast. G FUEL Tetris Blast was offered in powdered form as a limited-edition collector’s box, including a 40-serving tub and 16 oz shaker cup, and as a standalone tub (worldwide), along with a RTD can sold in 4-packs and 12-packs (US). Sugar-free and loaded with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts, G FUEL Tetris Blast contained G FUEL’s proprietary energy and focus-enhancing complexes, for rotating and moving Tetriminos with ease and clearing as many lines as possible.

Häagen-Dazs – Louvre

Best Food Corp - Haagen_Louvre


The year of 2021 witnessed the successful launch of the Häagen-Dazs mooncake ice cream project in partnership with the world-famous art museum Musée du Louvre. As the first ice cream brand partnering with Musée du Louvre, Häagen-Dazs pulled inspiration from its classic collections for both taste and packaging design. The launch was in time for the celebration of the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and not only catered to the preferences of the Chinese consumer, but also respected the traditional atmosphere of the festival.

Kellogg’s – HERSHEY’s

Best Food Corp - Hershey's


HERSHEY’S and Kellogg’s started a global partnership in 2017 with the first co-branded cereal launching in Korea. Since then, the award-winning product has launched in Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the GCC. 2021 saw the number of markets double through an expansion across Latin America and two new flavors being added to the HERSHEY’S Chocolate Cereal portfolio—White Chocolate Strawberry and HERSHEY’S COOKIES ‘N’ CREME. Over 1.5 million units of the HERSHEY’S Kellogg’s cereal were sold in 2021, amounting to nearly $16 million in sales.

Kraft Heinz – HERSHEY’s Colliders

Best Food Corp - Hersheys_Colliders


In 2021, Colliders launched a 12-product portfolio, invested in significant operational capabilities and sold the range into all major retailers, achieving 81% distribution nationwide. Colliders was the largest innovation launched in the RRTE category in 2021, totaling $48 million in annual retail sales. The platform was 85% incremental to the category, with 63% of that driven by new buyers that over-indexed as younger consumers compared to those previously shopping the category.

Namyang Dairy Products – Chupa Chups

Best Food Corp - Chupa Chups


The prestigious Korean beverage company Namyang successfully launched Chupa Chups sparkling drinks internationally. The sparkling drink was first launched in South Korea and quickly expanded into Asia, Europe, and the Americas, where it is sold in selected convenience stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores. For the second time in a row this has been recognized by the prestigious International Taste Institute in Belgium, where 200 prominent judges from 16 European countries evaluate products on their taste profile through a blind test and awarded the Superior Taste Award 2022 to the newly launched Chupa Chups zero sugar drinks.

Natür Food Ventures: Tetris x Powerbeärs

Best Food Copr - Tetris x Powerbears


In June 2021, Powerbeärs™, a brand of Natür® Food Ventures GmbH of Berlin, Germany, launched Tetris™ Gummy Snacks, its first offering of better-for-you snacks aimed squarely at the gaming crowd. Made with 20% fruit juice, vitamins C and E, and all-natural ingredients, the snacks capture the fun experience of the iconic game by featuring all seven of the original Tetrimino shapes in gummy form. Tetris Gummy Snacks are sold online as well as at selected retailers across Europe and soon in North America.

Stewarts Enterprises – Hard Rock


The new Hard Rock Premium Hard Seltzer is crafted for music fans in a variety of stand-out options that highlight Hard Rock Cafe’s® most prominent cocktails and fan favorite flavors, with each can featuring the iconic Hard Rock® logo and a guitar symbol. Launched in 2021, the Hard Rock Premium Hard Seltzers have brought consumers truly unique flavor profiles and music-inspired package designs that are unlike any other seltzer in the marketplace. Hard Rock Premium Hard Seltzer is sold in all stores that carry alcohol across the United States.

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