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BIP Launches Break Frame Licensing Marketplace With Jazwares and Exclusive Access to Hit Metaverse Gaming Brands    image

BIP Launches Break Frame Licensing Marketplace With Jazwares and Exclusive Access to Hit Metaverse Gaming Brands  

Revolutionary BIP platform to provide IP Expansion for Jazwares and Metaverse Gaming Phenomenon’s Brookhaven, Jailbreak, and more! 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla–March 1, 2023BIP, the global IP licensing marketplace, today announces the launch of its innovative web-based marketplace. Jazwares, a global leader in toys and licensing, and Metaverse gaming sensations Brookhaven, Jailbreak, and more have signed on to utilize BIP’s newly-formed global IP licensing marketplace.

The BIP online ecosystem bridges the gap between licensors and licensees worldwide allowing for greater connectivity within the licensing industry with a deep focus on transparency. The BIP licensing hub features several tools aiding in the deal making process, including real-time tracking enabling all users to easily track deal memo progress, virtual chat room communication, and post-deal management services. Co-Founded by Ari Zebersky, BIP serves as an expansive centralized hub streamlining the licensing marketplace providing brands opportunities to field potential collaborations, expand territory, and provide a wider range of product categories.

“BIP provides a powerful toolkit for all brands utilizing the platform—from the discovery of new and untapped licensing opportunities to creating new revenue streams—we’re there every step of the way to maximize value to these brands and streamline deals,” said Ari Zebersky, Co-Founder and CEO of BIP. “Our goal is to provide the licensing industry with the ultimate catalyst for brand collaboration, opening the door for IP expansion and impactful multi-category product extensions.”

With more than twenty-five of the world’s hottest brands currently signed on for BIP, the company aims to revolutionize the way in which IP is monetized by connecting buyers and sellers in a highly immersive and intuitive global marketplace. The web-based platform will initially be utilized by Jazwares to identify and forge new consumer product offerings in support of its industry-leading plush brand Squishmallows® and First Act™, the preeminent instrument brand for aspiring musicians.

“At Jazwares, we always have our fingers on the pulse, tapping into the partners and technologies that maximize our licensing efforts, bringing them to the next level,” said Sam Ferguson, Senior Vice President of Global Licensing, Jazwares. “BIP enables us to have a 24/7, 365-day support solution to help find the best partners to bring our IP to life via a streamlined and  highly intuitive online marketplace.”

Ari Zebersky along with co-founder Dylan Karofsky, and chief technical officer Ben Hakim M.D., initially developed BIP as an NFT-IP marketplace to focus on buying and selling in-demand IP which quickly expanded into a multi-category network spanning consumer products, music, fashion, consumables, and more. BIP recently hit its latest milestone having completed the pre-seed round of funding through a group of angel investors with significant experience in tech, investing, and – notably – the licensing industry.

“BIP marketplace revolutionizes how we currently think of brand activations,” explained Dylan Karofsky, Co-Founder, BIP. “Brands finally have a go-to marketplace that enables them to recognize the true value of their brands.”

About BIP:

BIP is an online licensing marketplace connecting some of the hottest brands with licensees worldwide. By innovating an antiquated industry, BIP allows brands to find their next partner through increased accessibility and simple searchability to enable brand expression for clients in various industries, including apparel, electronics, home and beauty, accessories, food & beverage, and toys & games. BIP is committed to breaking down the traditional barriers in the licensing industry, and our goal is to create a world where all brands can have equal access to growth opportunities while supporting post-deal management with features like payment administration, a digital document storage vault, and real-time negotiation functionality. For more information, visit or connect on LinkedIn.

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