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DeAPlaneta Entertainment Reveals the Story and Characters of the First MetaGuardians NFT Comics Collection image

DeAPlaneta Entertainment Reveals the Story and Characters of the First MetaGuardians NFT Comics Collection

DeAPlaneta Entertainment is delighted to reveal the details of the first MetaGuardians NFT comic collection starring the Metaverse superheroes.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment recently announced the acquisition of MetaGuardians, an ever-expanding universe of superheroes, villains, sidekicks and, soon, henchmen.

MetaGuardians was born in mid-2021 as an NFT collection by Antubel Moreda (designer of uber-popular games including Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled and Zombie Gunship Survival) his brother Bernal Moreda, and Kiefer Johnston (MaestroH) The first Superhero Universe in the Metaverse is shaped by the characters’ sarcasm and irreverent humour, the blurring of the boundary between real and virtual worlds, and the commitment of a loyal community of followers, who play a vital role in developing and expanding this universe. The brand already has a significant following in the UK and US.

DeAPlaneta Interactive, DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s digital division, announced the imminent publication of an exclusive MetaGuardians NFT comics collection featuring a total of at least six issues, the first of which will be launched this June. The comics will be exclusively digital publications. They start from a very original premise: a group of friends meet up in the Metaverse, where their avatars, the Metanauts, have a series of exciting adventures. In this world, they have to fight the Villains who see humans as a threat. Their efforts are supported by the MetaGuardians who work to ensure everyone lives together in harmony.

The MetaGuardians comics collection stars Shell, a young university student; Burpees, a middle-aged software engineer; Tixel, a high-school student; and high-flying businesswoman – Seiyu. Together, this diverse bunch of humans are the Metanauts, a group of avatars who meet up in the Metaverse. One day, their jet crashes into Banzai Lemon’s motorbike. This fearless, skilled MetaGuardian is on the run from Silver Colt, the Villain’s fearsome leader. Wounded, Banzai Lemon hands Shell a mysterious capsule containing a Golden Power Stone, which allows the young woman to contact Genesis’ avatar. This first-generation Guardian has been missing for years. The first-ever connection between a human and a mever leads to the birth of a new superheroine: New Genesis. A new era has begun in the MetaGuardians Universe, launching countless exciting, dangerous Metanauts adventures.

This comics collection is DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s first MetaGuardiansproject. The company will continue expanding the MetaGuardians universe, in order to turn the brand into a global entertainment IP. The Universe will be made available in a range of formats for a range of media. In addition to the NFT comics collection, DeAPlaneta Interactive is developing a new game in which MetaGuardians NFT owners will have numerous advantages: they can use their NFT character as an avatar, and will start out with more powers than the other players. DeAPlaneta Entertainment intends to increase the MetaGuardians presence in all areas of the Metaverse with a collection of interoperable assets. Discord members will be the first to hear the latest news and receive project exclusives, while announcements will also be released on Twitter.

DeAPlaneta is also creating a series of short films for a range of digital platforms and Discord; and a range of agreements and alliances are being signed with strategic partners in order to create physical and web3 digital licensed products.

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