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DeAPlaneta Entertainment Launches First Issue of MetaGuardians NFT Comic Book Collection image

DeAPlaneta Entertainment Launches First Issue of MetaGuardians NFT Comic Book Collection

DeAPlaneta Entertainment launched the first issue of the NFT comic collection of MetaGuardians, the first superheroes of the Metaverse. Volume 1 – The Nexus will be available for purchase on the official MetaGuardians website and on the main NFT marketplaces such as Opensea and Blur, and has had the collaboration and approval of the original creators of MetaGuardians, the brothers Antubel Moreda (designer of popular games such as Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled or Zombie Gunship Survival) and Bernal Moreda, and Kiefer Johnston (MaestroH on Discord).

The launch will make available an initial quantity of 3,000 units of the comic, in English and only in digital format, at a unit price of 0.029 ETH (approximately $50). Each comic purchased will come with a unique, randomly generated cover.

Since DeAPlaneta Entertainment acquired MetaGuardians last May, one of its main objectives has been to involve the MetaGuardians user community in the development of the brand. Therefore, a participation scale of 4 Levels (Superhero Apprentice; Herald of Justice; Veteran Keeper and Protocol Peak Hero) has been designed based on the number of NFTs that each user acquires. The higher the Level to which the user belongs, the more decision-making power he/she has over the drift of the story and the future of the characters in the comics or the video game.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment also wants to reward holders who have supported MetaGuardians from the beginning by giving them a second comic book directly after purchasing the first one, so that they would automatically be placed in Level 2 (Herald of Justice).

The comic books story arc

The collection’s story arc presents as main character Shell, a young college girl; Burpees, a middle-aged software engineer; Tixel, a high school student; and Seiyu, a busy businesswoman. They are all part of the Metanauts, a very diverse group of humans whose avatars meet every day in the Metaverse. One day, the jet in which they are traveling through the Metaverse crashes into the motorcycle of Banzai Lemon, a reckless and skilled MetaGuardian who is on the run from Silver Colt, the fearsome leader of the Villains. Banzai Lemon, wounded, gives Shell a mysterious capsule containing a Golden Power Stone that allows the young woman to make contact with the avatar of Genesis, a first-generation Guardian who had been missing for years. It is the first link between a human and a mever and the birth of a new superheroine, New Genesis. It is the beginning of a new era in the MetaGuardians Universe, and the start of a host of exciting and dangerous adventures for the Metanauts.

The future of MetaGuardians

DeAPlaneta Entertainment announced in May 2023 the acquisition of MetaGuardians, an ever-expanding Universe of superheroes, villains, sidekicks and, soon, henchmen. MetaGuardians was originally born in mid-2021 as a collection of NFTs by brothers Antubel and Bernal Moreda and Kiefer Johnston, known as MaestroH on Discord. Among the values that characterize this superheroic universe, the first in the Metaverse, are the sarcasm and irreverent humor that defines its characters, the way in which it blurs the boundary between the real world and the virtual world, and the commitment of a loyal community of followers: at the beginning of 2022, MetaGuardians had a community of 30,000 followers on Discord and, currently, more than half of them come from the USA and the UK.

The MetaGuardians NFT comic collection is the first project launched by DeAPlaneta Entertainment after the acquisition. DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s goal is to further expand the MetaGuardians Universe of characters and turn this brand into a global entertainment IP. This Universe will be disseminated through multiple formats and media. In addition to the NFT comic collection, DeAPlaneta Interactive is working on the development of a new game in which holder of MetaGuardians NFTs will have numerous advantages: they will be able to use their own NFT character as their avatar and will initially have more powers than normal players. DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s intention is to increase the presence of MetaGuardians in all areas of the Metaverse by offering a collection of interoperable cross-platform assets. Discord members will be the first to get the latest news and exclusive insight into the projects, while breaking news will be announced on Twitter.

The company is also working on the creation of a series of audiovisual shorts for various digital platforms and Discord, as well as confirming various agreements and alliances with strategic partners to create licensed products, both in physical and digital format on the web3.

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