Electrolux Global Brand Licensing and TTI bring AEG Power Tools to the US

Electrolux Global Brand Licensing and TTI, the global power tool manufacturer, have been European partners for many years under a licensing arrangement that brought AEG power tools to the retail market. Now that partnership has produced a launch in the US as well, with AEG power tools available exclusively for the professional tradesman.
Five commercial grade tools, including two rotary hammers, one hammer drill, and two grinders have recently been introduced to the industrial channel in the US. This channel, also known as STAFDA, requires tools that can meet the intense, heavy duty demands of professional plumbers, electricians, and construction workers whose need for exceptionally powerful and reliable tools is central to their job. The products will not be available to the traditional retail market.
TTI has been in this channel in the US for many decades and has introduced the AEG line as a complement to its own Milwaukee tools. The AEG products will be sold exclusively to independent retailers who cater to the professional tradesman.
For Electrolux Global Brand Licensing, the launch also marks another step in bringing the AEG brand to the US. The brand, with its strong German heritage and proven reputation for highly engineered products, is a global icon in an unusually wide range of products.
“Electrolux has every reason to believe that AEG’s reputation will catch on in the US as well, where European products have seen rising demand for years,” says Matthew Young, Head of Electrolux Global Brand Licensing.
For more information on the new line of AEG power tools, be sure to check the newly launched website: www.aeg-powertools.us.
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