Ferdinand IP LLC Joins 24IP Law Group

The 24IP Law Group is pleased to announce the firm of Ferdinand IP LLC as a new member to its ranks, operating offices in New York City and Westport, CT. Due this expansion, the 24IP Law Group enhances its capabilities in the US market, in particular in the fields of fashion, consumer products, entertainment, celebrities and media.
Founding partner of the 24IP Law Group, Christian Fortmann said: “Focus of our operation in New York and Connecticut is guidance for our clients within the merchandising industry, as well as to provide more efficient exploitation of intellectual property rights, with a particular emphasis on trademarks, designs and copyrights.”
24IP Law Group’s new partner, Jed Ferdinand, handles all aspects of IP, licensing, media and entertainment law. He has been lead counsel for a number of high-profile cases for consumer products manufacturers, brand owners, media companies and celebrities. Ferdinand has also handled some of the most successful licensing and merchandising programs of the past decade for celebrities and other famous brands that have resulted in billions of dollars of retail sales worldwide.  He is a frequent speaker on IP and licensing at industry trade shows and events, and is a regular contributor to several leading IP and licensing publications. 
“Mr. Ferdinand currently manages the worldwide trademark and copyright filing programs of several major consumer products companies in more than 100 countries worldwide and there is an upward trend,” said Fortmann.  
“We are delighted to welcome Ferdinand IP LLC to our group. This enlargement of the 24IP Law Group is a great opportunity to provide more effective and direct assistance to our clients throughout the USA and internationally in the creative industries.”  
“I am equally delighted to join the 24IP Law Group,” said Ferdinand.  “This collaboration provides my clients with access to legal representation in important European markets and greater capabilities for technical matters.  I look forward to a long and successful relationship with 24IP Law Group.”

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