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Gummy Bear’s Looking Plush!


Digital specialist AT New Media, licensing agent for the smash-hit internet phenomenon Gummy Bear, has announced that a fantastic plush line based on the character has launched at retail in territories across southern Europe and is now available in the UK and Ireland as well as across the whole of Europe.

The plush is a 12in Gummy Bear toy that sings The Gummy Bear Song when his tummy is pressed. The licensee is Whitehouse Leisure – a significant presence in the plush sector with a strong reputation for producing quality products based on the hottest kids’ brands on the market.
“This new plush line is being released into territories that have a huge appetite for anything related to Gummy Bear, as the brand is absolutely red hot in southern Europe,” says Simon Kay of AT New Media. “This popularity is transferring to the UK through massive levels of internet viewership, which in turn is attracting considerable interest from the licensing sector – we are currently in negotiations with a number of potential partners and expect to be making announcements soon regarding additional deals for the UK market.”
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Jane Garner & Sallie Deary

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