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Hearst Readying New Licensing Program for Former Rodale Magazines


Hearst Corp. is finalizing licensing plans for the magazines it brought on in acquiring Rodale earlier this year and plans to hire an agency to help manage that business, Steve Ross, Chief Global Licensing Officer, tells us. It already works with IMG on its existing magazine roster.

Several existing licensees for Rodale titles (previously handled by The Wildflower Group) will carry over, including The Box Out Group for subscription boxes with (Men’s Health, Women’s Health), men’s grooming products (Men’s Health, Enchante) wellness tea (Prevention, Organic India); Omega 3 fish oil supplements (Women’s Health, Coromega) and vitamins (Men’s Health, Omega Pharma). Agents Global Icons (China) and Asembl Brands (Australia, New Zealand) also will continue. Hearst will seek additional licensees for supplements, vitamins, exercise equipment, apparel and other products, says Ross.

“We want to create a brand platform where it feels less about making product than building lifestyle solutions through licensing,” says Ross. “These are places where the brands resonate and speak to the consumer in a manner that authoritative and are consistent with what is being covered in the magazines themselves.”

Licensing for Rodale’s Runner’s World and Bicycling magazines may aim more at experiences than product, says Ross. Those titles “both have a very loyal and affluent user group so it is not just about licensing but rather building an experience and opportunities to tap into that enthusiast network.”


Hearst Corp., Steve Ross, Chief Global Licensing Officer, 212-649-3259,

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