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“The Royalty Report” YouTube’s Tastiest Must-Watch Brand Licensing Show image

“The Royalty Report” YouTube’s Tastiest Must-Watch Brand Licensing Show

Broad Street Licensing Group brings an edgy, fresh look at food licensing with a wide range of interesting guests on “The Royalty Report”

Montclair, NJ  – Broad Street Licensing Group has launched “The Royalty Report” channel on You Tube bringing fun, information, and entertainment to the food licensing business.

Join hosts Peter Cross and Trevor Graham, as they grill top industry experts on the ins and outs of brand licensing while they battle their way through various food gauntlets, from trademark-themed treats to spicy IP-infused meals, every question answered is a chance to savor the industry’s hottest secrets.

“Our goal is to bring a new and fun way to talk about the brand licensing industry in an easily digestible and fresh way. We’ve created a show that’s not only entertaining, but we bring on top industry experts from every corner of the business showcasing the variety of dynamic perspectives each one brings.”

This season, guests take on the brand licensed cereal gauntlet which includes the Wendy’s Frosty, IHOP Mini Pancake,  CinnaFUEGO Toast Crunch, PEEPS, ICEE, and Sour Patch Kids cereals.


About Broad Street Licensing Group

Broad Street Licensing Group (BSLG) is an award-winning restaurant, food and beverage brand licensing agency, and has been named to LicenseGlobal magazine’s Top Global Licensing Agencies for 10 consecutive years. For over 25 years, BSLG’s focus on bringing brands into food and beverage retail channels has provided clients with unparalleled depth of experience, expertise and success across multiple categories, channels and delivery platforms, both in the US and internationally. Their roster of successes includes Subway, Burger King, SeaPak Seafood, Guinness, Farm Rich Foods, Old World Foods, Playboy, Tony Roma’s, Steak n Shake, 99 Restaurants, Culinary Institute of America, Unilever and Cutty Sark.

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